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INNOVA 31003

Welcome to the 31003 Scan tool Site, below and throughout you will find useful info on the Equus Innova 31003 scan tool, including many videos and articles, please feel free to ask questions or suggest new content in the blog comments area. ENJOY

31003 carscan livedata
Equus Innova pro Scan tools are unique because they give you a lot of crucial information right at the top of the screen without having to scroll down at all, another awesome feature is that you have 20 crucial pieces of information right on the top of the main screen, on most scan tools you end up having to scroll down through multiple menus to find the information that you’re looking for.

Equus Innova carscan scan tools are especially good for technicians trying to complete the readiness monitors test, because the monitors are displayed as small circles on the top of the screen, if they are blinking this equals not complete, if they’re solid this equals monitor completed, cannot get any easier than that. No other Scanner offers this awesome patented must have feature. Read more about Innova Pro


This video shows the new INNOVA PRO CARSCAN line up for 2nd quarter 2012. 5 new models







Your INNOVA 31003 includes the following awesome features

  • Comes with OBD2 Live-data stream functionality   Includes full library of engine and transmission codes and definitions
  • Work on all 1996 and newer Domestic and Import vehicles including cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans,also the newest OBD2 compliant diesel and hybrid vehicles.
  • Comes with a full one year manufacturers warranty
  • Easy plug and play functionality
  • Links to all existing OBD2 protocols including C.A.N.
  • Off-car review and analysis
  • Fully updatable via the internet
  • Complete 15 monitor inspection and maintenance coverage
  • You can use English, Spanish and french Interfaces
  • Diagnostic trouble code definitions with on screen code definition lookup library
  • Comes with access to RepairSolutions which gives trouble code definitions, a full diagnostic report, recall info, probable causes, TSB’s, most likely fix to DTC’s and much more.
  • Your Equus Innova also displays Freeze Frame Data that displays a multiple P.I.D. snapshot of the vehicles condition when the code was triggered.
  • A all ASE bi-lingual toll free technical support line Mon-Sat, 6am to 6pm, pacific time

   Read more about Innova



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